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"Death is the Gate to Life"

Part 2 "Fitting in With Angels"

What DID happen next? The weeks and months passed and besides the grief . . .my mother’s heart grew weary and heavy. There were two daddies, but just one mommy, a new-born, and five children in those jungles. It seemed that every way my mother turned she was making a mistake or doing something wrong. She had begun to feel that her husband, David, and her brother, Hubert were both against her. That was a mean feeling to have because it was not true to either parties. Finally she had had it! “I can’t take this any longer, I’m not even a true missionary!” So, she got on her bicycle and headed across the little town of Jambi for Helen’s grave. She hadn’t been there since the burial.

Hauling her bicycle up the steep path she sank down beside the grave. “Now Lord, what do YOU require of me?”

The Lord began speaking into her heart.

Helen, (my Mother’s name was also Helen) first of all you are to be MY child and minister the gospel out here to these people.
You are a wife and you are to minister to your husband.
You are a mother and you are to minister to your boys and girls,
and you are to be an “a-sister” (assister) to Hubert.

He said, “Helen you are trying to be too much to Hubert. He can’t bear it.
And besides that, you are neglecting your own husband. You are cheating David, you are blocking him right out, you are not being a true wife
. ”

He went on speaking into her heart. “Now you see, Hubert's Helen is singing with the angels now.”

Mother said, “Yes, Lord, she can fit in with the angels all right!!”

And He said, “Well, now, how did she get there?”

Mother replied, “Oh, she died, that’s how she got there! And I’m taking care of her baby and washing the diapers...”

Then the Lord said, “And you can die, Helen, to what you think is best. You can say, ‘Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.’ Hubert’s Helen is seeing the will of God done in Heaven , and you are David’s Helen, and you can see the will of God being done on earth, and see it done in your household.”

Mother sat there. “All right, Lord, now how do I work this out? If I am David’s wife, and a mother to all the children, and an “assister” to my brother, how do I carry it off? How do I straighten this out with David?”

Go home and simply tell David that I’ve shown you this, and that you have wronged him, and then all will be well.”

Mother jumped on her bike and headed home. She fled to Daddy's arms and told him all that her Father in Heaven had spoken into her heart. He just held her tight. The peace of Heaven flooded into her heart. That oneness that she had missed came back. Her own agenda died. Totally. She did not have to "fix" anything or anyone. Grace was given, and given, and given again. She told me this story only three times in my lifetime. Once when I was hurt and angry against God. . .but that will be for next time!

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