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"On Wandering. . .and Wondering!"

I am still wandering back through 2015!  Wandering past dreams that have not been realized.  Wandering past hopes already dashed.  Wandering though "battlefields" where my mind is still at war.

And then I read Psalm 126.

The Psalmist seems to be remembering too -- the past, when "the LORD" turned Zion's captivity.  But that was way back -- almost in another time zone!  He remembers the laughter and singing that filled their mouths.  Why, even the "heathen" had exclaimed, "The LORD did great things for them!"  They were being watched.

Could "the LORD" do it again for them?  They had not done everything right since that victory.  Why would He give them yet another victory and peace?  The future looked dismal.  But watch the Psalmist turn to the present!  He remembers the great things "the LORD" was continuing to do!

He turns from thinking it all depends on him, to crying out in faith for the future -- to the only One who can truly "turn again our captivity!"  Tears of faith seep into the heart's soil -- faith in the character of "the LORD."  Seeds of sorrow and dismay change mysteriously into something alive!  They take root!  God, Himself is able, and will turn again our captivity!  Have faith in God!  Read the chapter for yourself, and see the past, the present and the future!

"He that goes forth weeping, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him!" Psalm 126:6  

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