The Light Princess and other Fantasy Tales
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The Light Princess and other Fantasy Tales
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"Classic Tales" are where moral virtues come to life. They are children's stories on CDs that develop wholesome values and character as opposed to seducing the listener with fantasies of the occult or self-gratification.

The first collection in the series includes three well-loved classics by Scottish writer George MacDonald, a man who influenced J.R.R. Tolkien and of whom C. S. Lewis said, "I regarded him as my master." "I do not write for children," MacDonald said, "but for the childlike, whether of five, or fifty, or seventy-five." MacDonald was born into a poor farmer's family in 1824. Fifty years later his writings, including his fantasy tales, were so popular and respected that Tennyson and Lewis Carroll were considered his literary equals. His true and penetrating insights into the spirit world offer a redeeming note into the confusion of today.

Arlita Winston originally recorded these three stories for her grandchildren. They are available as a set of four CDs, "The Light Princess and other Fantasy Tales":

The Light Princess

George MacDonald regales us with the tale of a bewitched princess who loses her gravity in more ways than one. Weightless and thoughtless, she floats above palace life, unable to love or grieve. While swimming in the Palace Lake, she finds that the spell no longer has a hold on her. There a noble prince discovers her, but how to break the wicked spell? Love discovers a deeper magic.

The Giant's Heart

MacDonald wrote "The Giant's Heart" to read to his own children, and it remains one of the most popular. This particular giant has given his heart to be cared for by a great eagle on her nest. He finds it quite tiresome to take on the responsibility himself. This leave him quite heartless. He loves eating fat, greedy little boys. Two children go on an adventure to find the giant's heart and render him powerless!

Little Daylight

Baby Princess "Little Daylight" receives six blessings from good fairies on her Christening day. A wicked witch intrudes with curses. "Little Daylight it shall be, and little good shall any of her gifts do her. For I bestow upon her the gift of sleeping all day long, whether she will or not!" Then out steps the seventh fairy pronouncing a blessing that gives hope that one day the sinister curse might be broken.

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