Bringing Up Baby
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Bringing Up Baby
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Arlita Winston and Elisabeth Elliot
from the "Gateway to Joy" Radio Program

Track 1: The wonder of finding out you’re expecting a baby
      When does that fetus become a baby?
      Preparing to BE a mother
Track 2: Watching our children rear their children
      How much does a grandmother offer advice?
      Establishing good attitudes between siblings
Track 3: When do you begin to “train” a child?
      Singing to your children and grandchildren
      How many toys do they need?
      What if my baby constantly cries?
      Naps and Quiet Time
      Creative ways to go given by God
Track 4: Diaper-changing takes two to change him?!
      Is spanking child-abuse?
      At what age do you give verbal authority?
Track 5: What happens when other children visiting are unruly?
      How do you keep your children’s voices “down?"
      “I don’t want to hate my children!”

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