The Stabilty of a Christian Home
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The Stabilty of a Christian Home
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Arlita Winston and Elisabeth Elliot from the "Gateway to Joy" Radio Program

Track 1: Dealing with fears.
Arlita recalls her childhood as the daughter of missionaries in the jungles of Sumatra.
Death of Aunt in the jungles, leaving Mother with 6 children under 9 years old.
Track 2: Story of “He Giveth More Grace.”
Fleeing for our lives through the jungles with a newborn.
Evacuating and tossing on the high seas for three months during W.W.II.
Dealing with the fear of cancer.
Track 3: Dealing with my mother’s cancer and death.
Learning to sing songs and hymns not because we are happy but in order to be happy.
“How Firm a Foundation”
Track 4: Sailing to Shanghai, China 1948, with five children on the verge of war
Weekly letter for Arlita’s children telling about her past
The fall of Shanghai and the effect on the family.
Birth of “Shanghai John” while the bombs fall.

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