Vintage Treasures
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Vintage Treasures
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Not all treasures are inherited. The most valuable ones are created by the stress of pressure, fire and irritants in our lives.

Disc One: Diamonds formed by PRESSURE
Diamonds are mined, but for centuries they have been under severe pressure. Next they have to be cut and polished in order to shine with brilliance. HOW can we submit to this process and pressure? This is not a passive submission. You are in the process of going from a lump of coal to a clear diamond with value.

Disc Two: Gold and Silver formed by FIRE
Gold and silver are not simply mined from rock. They must go through fire to be refined. Why does God allow us to go through danger and suffering. It’s because our Father in Heaven looks down at His field and sees the treasure in us. Sorrow and suffering is like white hot heat, burning away the dross from the true treasure, but HOW can we submit to this fire?

Disc Three: Pearls formed by IRRITANTS
Pearls start in the heart of an oyster. A grain of sand irritates the oyster and a process begins that ends up with a valuable pearl. Can we be God’s Oysters? Can we be "Mothers of Pearls?" What are the qualities that make a valuable pearl? And how can we allow irritants in our lives transform us?

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