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Heart-CryHeart-CryDoes God's heart cry out for cannibals? Does God's heart cry for suicide bombers or terrorists? The message of God's love is as valid today as it was in the past. This is Arlita’s family's story.
Whom Having Not Seen We LoveWhom Having Not Seen We Love"Whom Having Not Seen We Love" is a companion book to "Heart-Cry"

By Rachel Edwardsen Mitchell

In Ruth Bell Graham's words, "Hubert and Rachel Mitchell's love story is one of the sweetest, most remarkable love stories ever. It had an incredible beginning and a beautifully completed ending. It will bless and inspire all who read it."

Softcover Book
Chosen To Bear FruitChosen To Bear FruitWhat is your purpose for living? Do you have a real purpose for dying? Arlita Winston vividly portrays truths of what it means to be "connected" into the Vine, Jesus Christ.

One 60 Minute CD
Lord, I'm AngryLord, I'm AngryHave you been sinned against? Then you are hurting. Arlita Winston takes you through the steps of healing.

4 CD Set
In Times Like TheseIn Times Like TheseIncludes "Taming the Tounge by Taming the Heart"

The times we live in are scary. How do we cope? "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Arlita opens up the treasures of wisdom when we fear the Lord. It becomes the antidote to fear itself.

4 CD Set
Waiting on GodWaiting on GodDoes God seem distant to you? Does He even hear you crying? Do you pray and get no answers? Waiting is never easy but Arlita Winston gives hope and new perspectives on how to wait for God’s answer.

4 CD Set
The Best Dressed BrideThe Best Dressed BrideGod has chosen me to be Christ's bride? Unbelievable! Arlita talks about the kind of person God chooses, and you just might be surprised!

4 CD Set
Vintage TreasuresVintage Treasures3 CD Set
The Light Princess and other Fantasy TalesThe Light Princess and other Fantasy Tales"Classic Tales" are where moral virtues come to life.

3 Tales on 4 CDs
The Golden KeyThe Golden KeyAn adventure that serches for the end of the rainbow.
For ages 9 to 90.
Radio Interviews SetRadio Interviews SetElisabeth Elliot and Arlita Winston from "Gateway to Joy"

6 CD Set
Bringing Up BabyBringing Up BabyThe joy and awe of having a baby! But what’s ahead?

1 CD
A Peaceful Home: Part IA Peaceful Home:  Part I"Home Sweet Home"
Part I of a two-week series about the rearing of children and having a peaceful home at the same time!

1 CD
A Peaceful Home: Part IIA Peaceful Home:  Part II“Making Children Mind” Part II of a two-week series about rearing children and having a peaceful home at the same time!

1 CD
The Stabilty of a Christian HomeThe Stabilty of a Christian HomeArlita recalls memories of her parent’s exuberant faith and their courage in dealing with fears.

1 CD
Ingredients for Overcoming FearIngredients for Overcoming Fear1 CD
The Great CommisionThe Great CommisionWhen missionaries go out it is by faith. They certainly don’t know what’s in store for them. When Jesus said to his disciples, “If you want to be My disciple you must give up your right to yourself and take up the cross and follow Me,” clearly explaining in advance that it was going to mean sacrifice of themselves, it was going to mean suffering. . .

1 CD
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